I have been a storyteller for most of my life.  I got into the animation industry and worked on movies to tell stories.  It is a joy and fulfillment I get from knowing that others will cherish the moments I have created in these movies for generations to come. The emotions you feel when you are at the theater watching a movie. A movie is just a string of still images, yet they are so powerful it makes us cry, laugh, feel anger, sadness and happiness. The art of animation is wonderful but I always wanted more freedom and creativity in my life. I wanted to tell real stories.

I have always loved photography and it seemed like a natural extension of film-making. Photography allows me to document and tell real stories of love. Every wedding is different and has its own story to tell and I love being there to capture them without getting in your way. You wont see me creating moments, asking you to pose a certain way while getting ready or directing you to walk a certain way down the aisle or to smile when you see your spouse. Most of these things you would do naturally without me interfering anyways and I will be there to capture them all. I will capture and document the events as it happens.

I will capture all the candid moments in your story, the details, emotions, beauty and drama. You will feel relaxed around me and I will never tell you where to look or what to do. I will capture your beautiful day as is unravels itself. Its the emotions and the essence of your love I will capture and document. The real story of why you fell in love and why you are embarking on this journey of marriage. The real story of your love.